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Hey there, I'm Silver

I earned a BFA double major in Computer Science and Visual Arts at the University of British Columbia, and later pursued an MSc in Computer Science under the supervision of Alla Sheffer in the Digital Geometry Processing research group.

While my roots are in technology and art, my interests extend to the ways they engage people. Early on, I found joy in exploring the intersection of creativity and innovation in video games - asking questions like, what makes a game fun? How does UI shape UX? When do novel mechanics hinder the experience? How do audio and visual elements create intuition and convey progression?

My curiosity doesn't stop at video games - though, I must admit, Super Mario 64 played a unique role in my early literacy (just ask my mom!).

  1. menuVis: a Recipe Creation Visualization Tool for Chefs

    C++, Qt, Qt Creator, Git, Krita, Info Viz

    S. Burla, M. Chen

    CPSC 547: Information Visualization, 2019.

  2. Foci: a Novel Cognitive-Training Smartphone App

    Java, MySQL, Git, Android Studio, HCI

    S. Burla, K. Clarkson, S. Sims, Y. Kim

    CPSC 544: Human Computer Interaction, 2018.

  3. Spr Mr Brs: Digital ROM Hack (download ROM)

    Silver Burla

    Pop-Up Art Show, Alumni Center UBC, 2016.

  • The University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC

    Master of Science, Sep 2018 - May 2021

    Computer Science, Computer Graphics

    Thesis, Supervisor Alla Sheffer

  • The University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sep 2013 - May 2018

    Visual Arts & Computer Science

    Double Major

  • Cannametrics - Vancouver, BC

    Lead Engineer, Aug 2022 - Apr 2023

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Excel, C#, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, SQL, T-SQL, SSMS, LINQ, Git, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Azure DevOps Services, Visual Studio, Bitbucket, Asana, Angular, Technical Writing, Microservices, REST, CQRS, Component Architecture, Layered Architecture, Client-Server Model

    I stepped in subsequent to major layoffs, replacing the development team and CTO. As the sole engineer I closely collaborated with the owners, data science team, customer service team, and product designer. My responsibilities included creating product roadmaps, writing reports, managing development cycles, servers, databases, and DevOps optimizations, improving documentation and code quality, fixing legacy bugs, developing new features, improving old features, creating internal tools, hiring and training developers, and leading discovery, communication, and negotiation with third party solutions. I identified and resolved critical platform issues, reducing client churn and improving product knowledge across teams. By optimizing database schema, writes, and reads, and modifying database services to better fit use cases, I successfully reduced monthly database costs by over $6,000.00. Major features I developed include: a data visualization client service aggregating over 1 million points of data, an automated email client service for business data summary reports, improved data reporting for the data science team, new customization options for business and product platform pages, improved web scraping, and integration of third-party machine learning data processing.

  • The University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC

    Department of Computer Science

    Data Collection, Jul 2021 - Aug 2021

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Visual Studio

    My work involved collecting 140 original vector sketches from 10 different artists for a research project. I created a copyright-compliant website for artists to upload and view drawings, ensuring data validation on both client and server sides, and using MySQL for the submissions database. I also updated an annotation collection website with a custom Express NodeJS server, non-breaking error handling, cookie management for concurrent connections and temporary user annotations, and integrated research code into the backend, including user login for consent forms and annotation data mapping.

  • The University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC

    Department of Computer Science, Digital Geometry Processing Group, Imager Lab

    Research Assistant, May 2016 - Dec 2020

    Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, PugJS, C++, Bash, Git, SVN, Visual Studio, Qt, Qt Creator, MySQL, MATLAB, GLSL, OpenGL, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, PowerPoint, Audacity, Blender, Inkscape, GIMP, Final Cut Pro

    Working in a supporting role for research, I curated diverse datasets (pixel art, vector sketches, 3D geometries), recruited users and artists for studies, produced comparative method results and figures for research papers, wrote scripts, and handled video and audio content for conference submissions.

  • Mary's on Davie (formerly Hamburger Mary's) - Vancouver, BC

    Restaurant Server, Jan 2011 - Mar 2020

    Diner Dash IRL

    Fast paced work environment, I brought hungry people milkshakes, burgers, and fries - and cracked many jokes.

  • The University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC

    Department of Computer Science

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sep 2018 - Aug 2020

    CPSC 427: Video Game Programming, CPSC 430: Computers & Society, CPSC 210: Software Construction, CPSC 121: Models of Computation

    Algorithm Design, Argumentation and Logic, Writing, OOP, MVC, ECS, HCI, Excel, PowerPoint, Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, GLSL, OpenGL

    In my roles across various courses, I conducted office hours, led labs, and graded student work. Specifically, in CPSC 427, I designed lecture slides for the HCI and ECS modules, developed Qualtrics tools for cross-play evaluations and grade disputes, and created a custom Excel gradebook with an accompanying Python script for efficient grade management. These materials have since become integral to the course. In CPSC 430, I independently organized and supervised extracurricular activities to encourage student participation, as well as final review sessions. Throughout all courses, I consistently received top scores in student feedback evaluations.

  • The University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC

    Department of Computer Science

    Senior Teaching Assistant, Jan 2016 - Apr 2020

    CPSC 314: Computer Graphics

    Python, HTML, JavaScript, GLSL, WebGL, PHP, Excel, PowerPoint, Bitbucket, Trello

    Over time, my role expanded from overseeing lab sections and office hours to supervising teaching assistants, typically in teams of six, and managing course logistics. My duties included training new teaching assistants, task assignments, schedule management, quality control of assignments and grading, resolving grade disputes, and organizing meetings. I also set up tools and workflows for task scheduling, grading, record-keeping, and dispute resolution, some of which are now integral parts of the course. I received an award in 2019 for my work *under the name 'Luciano Burla'.

  • The University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC

    Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory

    Digital Foundation Studio Project Assistant, Sep 2015 - Sep 2017

    VISA 110: Foundation Studio, Digital Media

    Technical Writing, Script Writing, edX, Excel, Photoshop, Premier, Final Cut Pro, Audacity

    I assisted in the restructuring of the VISA 110 course, shifting technical instruction (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and computer basics) to edX, allowing more time for art discussions in labs. Initially, I joined a team as an additional video editor alongside two MFA students who recorded instructional videos. However, after the first year, it was just myself and the professor, and we scrapped everything and started over. I quickly learned and became proficient in Adobe Premiere and Audacity, then independently planned, scripted, recorded, and edited basic to advanced instructional videos in Final Cut Pro for both. Additionally, I created edX modules, quizzes, and text content for my respective modules, and assisted in student data collection and evaluation of the effectiveness of the new course structure.

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